Chinese professor claims that a patient’s life in case of stroke can be saved with a needle, that we all have in our houses.

Brain attack, also known as stroke, can happen to anyone at any time. Stroke is medical emergency, and requires quick reaction.

By reading this article, you will learn unconventional way for rescuing a patient from a stroke. First of all make sure the victim doesn’t move, because the capillaries will burst or leak, wichcauses damage in the brain. The following tips may help to save victim’s life.  Using a syringe is the best choise, but a regular needle for sewing that we usually have at home, also will help.

  1. Sterillize the needle by holding it over fire (a lighter, candle) and then prickthe tops of all 10 victim’s fingers
  2. There is no need of any specific acupuncture, a few millimeters from the nail
  3. Make sure that the blood can flow
  4. If the blood doesn’t starts to blob, then squeeze the fingers until it starts
  5. In a few minutes, after all fingers are bleeding, you will be able to see that the victim will be back to life
  6. If you notice that the victim’s lips are distorted, massage the victim’s ears until they become red
  7. After that, with the needle, in the soft part prick theboth ears, and wait fall two drops of blood, from each ear. In a few minutes, his mouth should not be longer distorted.

After these actions, make sure that the victim of the stroke goes to hospital as soon as possible.

This is a method of a traditional Chinese medicine, and is 100% effective in its practical everyday application.

Source: Health Tips Portal